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Learnings from AI meets sales hackathon

We arranged an AI hackathon at Aalto University. I’ll summarise our learnings into this post. The assignment We had prepared two assignments: Sales Opportunity Qualification - how can B2B sales teams predict which opportunities they will win? Customer Base...
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Increase hit rate with opportunity qualification

Is your hit rate too low?  Are your sales people running after opportunities they will not win?  Do you think your sales process and sales people are not as efficient and effective as they could be? Qualification of sales opportunities is important Many businesses,...
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Solving the efficiency paradox in Sales

Most companies want to have high utilisation across their organisation, including sales. When people work a lot, a lot of work gets done. It makes sense and sounds innocent, right? Well, let’s discuss this. If a sales organisation wants to win business and meet their...
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More sales with less selling?

Do you think it’s possible to improve sales productivity by 100 % in one year? Do you think it’s possible to improve hit rate by over 20 %? These questions sound ambitious, I know. But this is feasible and some organisations have been able to do this. Field sales...
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Three levels of Lean thinking

I claim companies can (and should) apply Lean thinking on three levels: An approach to identify, structure and solve problems Management system Specific tools and techniques for specific functions and issues Lean was born in discrete manufacturing processes. The...
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Case Study: Improve hit rate by +20 % in solution selling with Lean Sales

One day a B2B solution sales organisation decided they had had enough and wanted to make a more radical change to their sales process, organisational structure and tools to grow sales and to win more business. This organisation operates B2B solution selling with sales...
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Creating a culture of continuous improvement

Who wouldn't want to sell more and improve results? All sales organisations are looking to drive growth and win more business. More often than not sales leaders and executives are working hard to increase sales and want to know how they can improve results quickly. In...
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100 day Lean Sales Transformation plan

100 day Lean Sales Transformation plan helps organisations create breakthrough results in Sales with Lean thinking. 100 day plan is designed to get Lean Sales Transformation started and to engage your team into work. There are no consultants, only Lean Sales experts...
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Lean Sales – process maturity assessment

Is your sales process Lean? How would you know? Lean Process maturity model may help you perform self-assessment of your current state. Sales and selling is different across different industries. Some industries rely more on trust and personal relationships, some are...
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Lean Sales YouTube channel is open

You can find Lean Sales on YouTube!  
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